Invoicing address

Our electronic invoice addresses are:

Operator – Pagero
Operator ID – 003723609900
Electronical Data Interchange ID (EDI)  –  003703694343

VAT number – FI03694343

Peppol ID – 0216:003703694343


If you are not able to send electronic invoices, we ask you to send paper invoices in the future to the purchase invoice scanning service, address:

Studiotec Oy
PL 7308

To enable the scanning service to recognise your invoice, this invoice address is to be printed on the actual invoice, not only the envelope. We also ask you to note that no other material than invoices is allowed in this address. The postal address for material, such as notifications, marketing material etc. remains the same as before.


Studiotec Oy address for email scanning: itlaskut [at]

Invoices should be sent as email attachments in pdf format, not pictures!

More information

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Peltonen Anja



anja.peltonen [at]